The Aspect™ range of cosmeceuticals has been expertlyengineered with the latest cutting edge optically pureactives from medical science and nature to protect, nurture,revitalise, and cosmetically restructure your most precious asset. Whether it's the look of imperfections that's marringyour appearance or the lines of time that announce yourage, Aspect™ promises to deliver the youthful glowing skinand complexion that you so desire in no time at all.Working with mother nature and never against her, Aspect™cosmeceuticals are always free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, artificial coloursand synthetic fragrances because skin in need should be nurtured and never tortured. And naturally Aspect™ is nevertested on animals.We look forward to sharing this remarkably different viewof skincare with you through this extraordinary range.Important Consumer Information: All Aspect™ cosmeceuticals are cosmetic correctives andno therapeutic action is intended or implied. Before and after images represent exceptionalcases and individual results may naturally vary.


Purastat 5™ CLEANSER

Because precious skin and dirty dishes have nothing in common.

The first and most crucial step in anyeffective skin care regimen is thecleansing step, however, it's also themost neglected part – often an after thought.Now we are not referring to the fact that you were a little bit naughty and neglected to remove your makeup before bed the other night even though you know you should have! What we are referring to is the thoughtless way most cosmetic chemists literally throw together an assortment of not so skin friendly ingredients and choose to call it a facial cleanser when such products would be far better suited for washing up dishes or even cleaning the kitchen floor.Take a quick glance at the ingredient listing on your average cleanser andcompare it to the ingredient listing on abottle of dish washing liquid and you'd be shocked to see the similarities.Harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, methylparaben, propyl paraben, formaldehyde,synthetic perfumes and so forth are well documented skin irritants and not only have a nasty habit of leaving your skin uncomfortably dry, tight and devitalised but according to leading authorities such as the American Academy of Dermatology, are a very common cause of skin allergies and contact dermatitis.If you own one of these not so skin friendly cleansers, perhaps it's not such a bad thing that you neglected to wash your makeup off the other night. At least your skin got a short reprieve from thechemical assault such products inflict.Because cleansing is in fact the crucial first step in an effective skin careregimen, the scientists at Aspect™, haveactually put a lot of thought into thebest way of achieving a fresh, clean skinso that it not only does your skin noharm but actually enhances yourcomplexion for the better. Purastat 5™is the result of our efforts – anextraordinary one of a kind cleansingformula that will exceed yourexpectations and change the way youthink about the simple act of cleansingyour face forever.The Purastat 5™ Difference:Purastat 5™ Purifies: Free of harsh,damaging surfactants that strip, damageand devitalise your skin, Purastat 5™thoroughly frees your skin of imbeddeddirt, makeup, excess sebum anddamaging pollutants by way of anexceedingly gentle blend of sugar andcoconut extracts that cleanse anddetoxify with the utmost efficiency whilstremaining totally respectful of your skinsnatural bio-lipidic barrier so as never tostrip, dehydrate or overly dry yourprecious skin.Purastat 5™ Renews: Formulated with asuperb blend of natural fruit acids frombilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple,orange and lemon, Purastat 5™effectively renews your skin andcomplexion by gently unpluggingcongested pores, discouragingimperfections and lifting away thosedulling surface cells and debris thatstand between you and your most vitalcomplexion.Purastat 5™ Restores: While mostcleansers rob your skin of vital moisture,leaving it uncomfortably, dry, tight andlacklustre, Purastat 5™ works overtimeto replenish and build vital skinhydration thanks to the inclusion oflactic milk extracts. This natural milkderivative is known for its ability topenetrate and attract moisture into theskins deepest layers and lock it inplace. The result is a dramatic,measurable increase in skin hydrationthat persists for up to 4 hours – longafter you have rinsed the cleanser off.Purastat 5™ Protects: Botanicalinfusions of Wasabi root ferment andCanadian Willowherb™ work in tandemas a protective coat of armour andstrengthen the appearance of yourskin's natural defences so it is betterable to cope with the visible signs ofstress caused by smog, pollution andenvironmental aggressors.Purastat 5™ Comforts: Even the mostfragile and delicate of complexions willbenefit from the inclusion of more than7 calming botanicals including extractsof nettle, melissa, cleavers andcalendula that work in synergy tocomfort and care for skin in need ofextra gentle care.No matter what your skin type. Weknow you will absolutely lovePurastat 5™ not only for what it takesaway but also for what it gives back toyour skin and complexion, and neveragain will you neglect the firstcommandment of effective skin care“thou shall not neglect to remove thymakeup before bed, no matter howtired I feel”.


Polished perfection in a jar.

Symptom: you've got amazing,translucent, glowing skin. You justcan't see it because of the dull, flaky,discoloured, broken out, exhaustedskin that is currently covering it up.Solution: Our Cell-ablation™microdermabrasion crème will make thedull, depleted, not so perfect skinyou've earned with those late nights,coffee fuelled work binges andoverexposure to the sun pull adisappearing act.Cell-ablation™ delivers both immediatesatisfaction and long range perfection –tangible, visible results that you can seeand feel – clearer, healthier moreyouthful looking, baby smooth, almostpore less skin. A whole face treatmenttakes but a few minutes at yourbathroom sink. Just apply, massage,rinse and you are done. It really is thatsimple, yet the results will amaze you.The Cell-ablation™ DifferenceCell-ablation™ naturally resurfaceswithout the traumatic consequences!:It's a fact; most home usemicrodermabrasion formulas rely on theuse of aluminum oxide particles toabrade the skins surface of dead skincells. Whilst effective in the hands ofprofessionals, it is our opinion thatAluminum oxide has no place in homeuse microdermabrasion treatments. It isfar too abrasive for frequent home useand can leave your skin red, irritatedand traumatised whilst on the surfacethis may seem only a minorinconvenience. After all, they say wherethere is no pain there is no gain, butunfortunately for your skin, nothingcould be further from the truth. You see,exacting medical and biological studiesnow confirm that harsh skin treatmentsset in motion a chain of chemical eventsat a deep cellular level that literallydestroys the skins underlying collagensupport structure. The result ispremature sagging, wrinkles and awasted devitalised looking skin surface– a far cry from the clear, glowingcomplexion you were hoping to achieve.Cell-ablation™ is different. Instead ofaluminum oxide particles or other harshabrasives, Cell-ablation™ is powered byexceedingly effective yet super gentle“silica crystal technology”. Harvestedfrom the nodes of black bamboo, oursilica micro crystals are perfectlycontoured and measure a mere 160microns in diameter the perfectmorphology for polishing away all ofthose devitalised skin cells, surfaceimperfections and pore clogging debristo uncover a fresh, new vibrant layer ofhealthy skin cells just below the surfaceand all without the slightest hint ofirritation.To further add to the effectiveness ofyour Cell-ablation™ experience, ourunique formula has been superchargedwith a botanical cocktail of skin savingantioxidant vitamins, essential fattyacids, and calming plant extracts toprotect, nurture and energise the newlyuncovered layer of fresh new skin cells.Seeing is believing so we put Cellablation™ to the test to demonstrate thatit really can make a dramatic differenceto the look and feel of your skin in notime at all. The amazing unretouchedphotographs below demonstrate theremarkable skin resurfacing action ofCell-ablation™ after only 10 X threeminute treatments over a 20 day timeframe. Now look at the dramatictransformation in our models skin andcomplexion. Rough textured dehydratedskin has been replaced with a muchsmoother, hydrated healthier lookingsurface texture, those fine dehydrationlines around her eyes are all but barelyvisible and even those stubbornhormonal marks appear noticeablylighter. As you could imagine, our modelwas ecstatically happy with theperformance of Cell-ablation™.Use Cell-ablation™ just once and beamazed at just how much smoother,brighter and healthier your skin andcomplexion will appear. Use it regularlyand the result is sheer complexionperfection.


4.58 years younger in 84 days –now that's extreme!

Can Extreme C 20™ really give youfirmer less wrinkled, brighter lookingskin and wipe up to 4.58 years off yourskins appearance in just 84 days*?Surprisingly, the answer is yes, it certainlycan, plus a whole lot more. Now that's apretty bold promise, I know and theresults even shocked us when all but oneof the 27 participants in the 84 dayExtreme C 20™ efficiency study reporteda perceived age reduction of between1.4 to 7.6 years with the average agereversal score coming in at an incredible4.58 years younger – now that's“extreme”.Why so effective? Extreme C 20™ tacklesjust about every sign of dermal ageingyou care to imagine and does so fromevery conceivable angle, thanks to anexclusive breakthrough combination ofcutting edge amino peptides, face savingvitamin C, cellular antioxidants, correctivebotanicals and skin energizing extracts –all expertly blended into a light as air,paraben and fragrance free transcellularserum. Read on and learn more aboutjust some of the high octane technologythat powers this age defying wonder.Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (“Stable”Lipid Soluble Vitamin C ester) : No doubtyou've heard about the wonders oftopical Vitamin C. Clinical studiesamassed have proven beyond doubt thatthis powerful antioxidant vitamin candramatically repair the look and feel ofenvironmentally damaged skin andcosmetically compensate for the visibledecline in skin’s youthful firmness andelasticity that accompanies the passageot time and too much sun exposure. Atleast in theory this is certainly the case.The only problem is that ordinary VitaminC is highly unstable and quicklybecomes inactive when exposed to air,water, heat or light. In fact many VitaminC skin care products can lose up to 90%of their original potency within 30 daysafter they are manufactured. Anotherconcern with ordinary vitamin C is that itis very acidic making it difficult for thoseof us with sensitive skin to enjoy therejuvenating benefits of this fabulousvitamin. Light years ahead of ordinaryvitamin C comes AscorbylTetraisopalmitate, a potent, non irritating,highly stable and optically pure Vitamin Cester that is guaranteed to remain freshand active till the very last drop thusensuring superior cosmetic anti-ageingresults – clearer, firmer, much youngerlooking skin and a complexion that isbetter able to protect itself againstexternal attack so it remains youngerlooking for longer.Syn®-Ake (Winner of the SwissTechnology Award): Believe it or not, thelatest Hollywood beauty fad is said toinvolve rubbing snake venom onto theface in the quest for eternal youth.Sounds bizarre and dangerous, but infact this strange practice that the mediaare referring to is completely safe andscientifically validated to dramaticallyrelax the appearance of deep expressionlines that result from repeated facialmovements such as laughing, smilingfrowning and squinting. What theHollywood celebrities are in fact using is“Syn®-Ake”, a key active inExtreme C 20™ with a molecularstructure that resembles “Viper Venom”.Sounds scary, but rest assured, it iscompletely safe and incredibly effectivewith a proven 52% reduction in the lookof deep forehead wrinkles lines and up to32% reduction in the appearance ofcrows feet all in just 28 days.Syn®-Coll (Also known as PalmitoylTripeptide-5): A super potent microcollagen peptide that literally rebuilds theappearance of slackened skin texture atacellular level to visibly firm up facialcontours and fill the look of deep linesand wrinkles that add years to yourappearance. To prove the dramatic antiwrinkle effect of Syn®-Coll a clinicalstudy involving some 60 healthyvolunteers and spanning some 84 daysdemonstrated a stunning reduction in thevisible length, depth and volume of facialdeep lines 350% more effectively than aleading competitor’s peptide compound.
Average perceived facial age as judged by 27 participants – 23 female, 4 male aged between 34 – 71 over 84 daysof twice daily application of Extreme C 20™. *Triallist in before and after photographs incorporated Exfol L 15™ &Retinol Brulee™ into regimen between days 84 and 247. This is an exceptional case and individual results may vary.Extreme C 20™ is a cosmetic corrective and no therapeutic claim is implied or intended.


Superior skin resurfacing without the trauma!

Alpha hydroxy Acids (AHA's) arewithout question one of dermatology'sgreatest success stories. AHA's worktheir magic by accelerating the skinsnatural cell renewal cycle by invisiblylifting away the excess accumulationof dull devitalised surface skin cellsthereby revealing a smoother clearer,brighter, healthier looking surfacelayer, with more refined looking pores,and fewer visible imperfections.When formulated correctly and in theright circumstances, the clinical effectsof these magic AHA's are often nothingshort of breathtaking!AHA's however are not without theirdownside. To work effectively, they mustbe formulated at a low “acid” pH, whichcan leave skin red, itchy and supersensitive. To add insult to injury, manycosmetic companies in an effort to savemoney and maximise profits usesynthetic AHA's which unlike the moreexpensive naturally derived extracts areknown for their potential to inflame theskin.Now comes a breakthrough technologythat allows you to enjoy all the amazingskin renewal benefits of AHA's withoutany of the drawbacks. Exfol L 15™delivers everything a superior clinicalstrength AHA formula should – fresher,clearer, brighter, smoother skin texture,smaller looking pores and fewer visibleimperfections all in record time andwithout having to suffer any redness,irritation or trauma. Here's how it works:Exfol L 15™ has been intelligentlyengineered with only gentle naturallyderived AHA's as opposed to theirritating synthetic varieties. L Lacticacid from sour milk along with botanicalextracts of bilberry, sugar cane, sugarmaple, orange and lemon are combinedin exacting concentrations that aredelivered to the skin via a specialisedtime delay mechanism to ensure asuper gentle controlled, even microexfoliation without the trauma. Gentlehowever doesn't mean ineffective.Make absolutely no mistake about it:Exfol L 15™ is a powerful skinresurfacing solution with inclusions thatare clinically proven to dramaticallyaccelerate the skin's natural cellrenewal/exfoliation cycle therebyrevealing a fresh new glowingcomplexion in no time at all and that's apromise!To further enhance the gentleness ofthis superb formula Exfol L 15™borrows a little wisdom from theancients. For thousands of years, NativeAmericans were said to harvest aprecious botanical from the Canadianprairies that was believed tocosmetically nurture, revitalise andcomfort the look and feel of sensitive,angry looking skin. Modern researchhas now confirmed what the NativeAmericans always knew. A recentgroundbreaking clinical study hasproven beyond doubt that the miracleplant in question that goes by the nameof Canadian Willowherb™ really doesdramatically calm the look and feel ofstressed, environmentally ravaged skinand continues to calm and nurture forup to 24 hours after just one singleapplication making it a perfect additionto Exfol L 15™.Exfol L 15™ is super concentrated andhighly efficient so you'll see the benefitswithin as few as seven days and in 6short weeks, you will happily discoverthat underneath the skin you can see isthe skin you've always wanted!Exfol L 15™
L 15™Proven efficiency without theside effects*.In a 6 week efficiency trial ofExfol L 15™, participants reportedthe following observations:• 94% noticed smoother,softer skin• 88% noticed a healthierapperance• 82% noticed smallerlooking pores• 70% noticed clearer, moreevenly coloured skin• 94% noticed fewer visible lines• 76% noticed fewer visibleimperfections• 82% noticed firmer looking skin• 76% noticed a visibleimprovement during the first7 days• 100% described Exfol L 15™ asgentle and non-irritating*17 participants (13 female and 4 male) over 42days. Trial administered by a senior registered nurse.Exfol L 15™


Relaxation therapy in a bottle for skinon the verge of a nervous breakdown!

Facial redness? Skin sensitivity?Chronically dry skin? Uncomfortablytight skin? Uncontrollable blushing?Rough flaky crocodile skin?Ruddiness? Lumps and bumps?Reacts to spicy foods and alcohol?Reacts to fragrances, colours andpreservatives? Feels like its on fire?Blotchy? Has a mind of its own? Looksolder than it should? Unhealthylooking? Devitalised?If you identify with any or all of thesecommon signs of “stressed out skin”help has finally arrived!Red-Less 21™ is a very seriouscosmetic corrective with the power tocomfort and relieve the look and feel ofstressed out skin on the verge of a“nervous breakdown”. Apply a fewdrops and within minutes skin feelsrelaxed, more comfortable and less tightas though the fire has been put out.Within weeks, the signs of stress arediminished, the look of redness isneutralised and skin defences areremarkably strengthened so it is betterable to cope with harsh, unfavourableconditions that would have once causedit to react and cry out for help.The secret to Red-Less 21™ lies in itssynergistic blend of 21 completelynatural face saving botanicals, herbs,vitamins and extracts. The mostbioactive and beneficial of all is its veryhigh content of certified organic SeaBuckthorn berry oil. This remarkablebotanical provides just about everythingyour skin needs to look healthy, vibrant,youthful and resist those aggressors thatdamage its appearance. So effective isSea Buckthorn that it was issued to theRussian cosmonauts to nourish andprotect their skin against the harshenvironmental conditions encounteredduring intergalactic travel and has sincegained acceptance in some of Europe'smost prestigious hospitals as a naturaldermatological treatment for a vastnumber of skin care concerns.About Sea Buckthorn: Sea Buckthorn isa bright orange fruit native to the arcticregion with antioxidant and vitamincontent rivalled by no other cultivatedfruit or vegetable in existence. In factSea Buckthorn contains no less than108 synergistic face saving bioactivesincluding abundant levels of Vitamin C,Beta and Alpha carotenes includingalpha and beta carotenoids includinglutein, zeaxanthin & lycopene, the fullspectrum of Tocopherols (Vitamin Es)including the super protective alpha,beta, gamma & delta Tocotrienols,Super Oxide Dismutase, Vitamins B1,B2 and B6, phytosterols,phytohormones, polyphenols, tannins,flavanoids, essential fatty acidsincluding the omega 3s, omega 6s andvery rare omega 7s, as well asnumerous trace elements includingzinc, copper, selenium and magnesiumjust to name a few. With an ingredientlisting like that, it's little wonder that SeaBuckthorn has such a dramatic abilityto protect and repair the appearance ofnot so healthy looking skin.To ensure Red-Less 21™ delivers onlybenefits and never upsets your preciousskin, Red-Less 21™ has been selectivelyformulated with only 100% natural andcertified organic ingredients and iscompletely free of preservatives, coloursand artificial fragrances. 


Chemical free – because problem skinshould be nurtured – not tortured!

If you suffer the misery of spotty,excessively oily or impure skin, youwill no doubt have tried a myriad ofcosmetic treatments with the hope offinding that magic “clear skin”solution only to find that the “cure wasworse than the disease”*.Most products designed for oily andimpure skin contain harsh andpotentially skin damaging chemicalssuch as synthetic detergents, peroxides,alcohol and sulphur which are designedto strip, degrease and dry out theproblem. The promise is clear, glowingskin but the result is often a red, itchyand traumatised complexion, as if thatwasn't the last thing you needed! Tomake matters worse this “drying out”approach is counterproductive as itcauses the body to respond with evenmore pore clogging oil to combat thedryness, thereby setting in motion a selfdefeating vicious cycle – a miserable nowin situation for your skin.Whoever it was that said “ where thereis no pain , there is no gain” obviouslydidn't know about Jungle Brew™.Jungle Brew™ is the revolutionarynatural, non-traumatic cosmetic solutionfor oily and impure skin that will neverdry, damage or upset the skins naturalbalance. Most importantly Jungle Brew™works fast to deliver the results youwant. Within hours of application youwill see a calmer, less angry lookingcomplexion and in just 8 weeks acleaner, clearer, less shiny, healthierlooking skin with smaller looking poresand fewer visible imperfections. Littlewonder skin care experts acrossAustralia and New Zealand areenthusiastically embracing theJungle Brew™ gentle approach to clean,clear beautiful looking skin.Jungle Brew™ – inspired by nature andproven by the latest scientificdiscoveries. Here's just a preview ofwhat's inside:Jungle Brew™ Discovery No. 1: Duringthe 2008 American Academy ofDermatology annual meeting, doctorswere truly amazed at the results of arecent groundbreaking study thatreported the extraordinary skin clarifyingaction of topical 5% Stay-C 50™ over a12 week time frame. This revolutionarynature inspired compound known asStay-C 50™ is in fact a high tech varietyof vitamin C that was shown to banishthe look of those miserableimperfections that accompany oily skinwith far better efficiency than traditionalchemical treatments and even moreimportantly without any of the harshside effects such as redness, drynessand irritation.With this exciting discovery in mindJungle Brew has been superchargedwith no less than 6% Stay-C 50 which isa 20% greater concentration than thatused in the clinical study to seriouslywage war against the appearance ofthose horrible imperfections that ruinyour looks and destroy your confidence.Jungle Brew™ Discovery No. 2: Fromthe depths of the Amazonian rain forestcome three remarkable “clear skin”discoveries with the power to clarify,perfect and regulate the appearance ofoily impure skin. Acai, Andiroba andCopaiba Balsam are the names of theseamazing face saving botanicals. A bit ofa mouthful I agree, but stay with me asthe science will blow your mind as it didthe investigating dermatologists whenthey saw the results. In not one but twoclinical trials, these remarkable rainforest plants were shown to banish thelook of unsightly imperfections andunclog pores by no less than 72% injust 56 days as well as regulate the lookof excess oiliness by a surprising 65%by day 42. When the volunteersthemselves were questioned about theirexperience 90% saw a dramaticreduction in the appearance ofimperfections, 95% described their skinas less oily, 85% noticed more refinedcleaner looking pores and 90% saidthat the treatment was not only nonirritatingbut actually improved skinhydration and smoothness.Along with these amazing naturaldiscoveries, Jungle Brew™ contains arange of calming botanicals, face savingvitamins and soothing herbs, is free ofirritating parabens and comes in a nongreasy, super fast absorbing serumbase. Apply a little just twice per dayand discover the confidence of clearer,cleaner healthier looking skin –naturally.
*No therapeutic claims are implied or intended by this statement. Jungle Brew™ is a cosmetic corrective and not a therapeutic product or drug.


“naturally” lighter & brighterfuture for your complexion.

Age spots, brown spots, freckles,hormonal marks, blotchy uneven skintones, red, brown acne scars... letsface it, these unsightly blemishes addyears to your appearance, ruin yourcomplexion and can really destroy yourconfidence.Up until recently, the only reliablemethod of “cosmetically” eradicatingthese horrible imperfections was the useof irritating and potentially dangerouschemical skin lighteners. So dangerousin fact that many such products havebeen banned from sale in Europe andthe US may well follow.But now a breakthrough discovery byone of Europe's leading biotechnologycompanies has shown that a specificextraction of Rumex Occidentalis – aplant native to the Canadian prairies canclarify and brighten the appearance ofunsightly age spots and discolourationswith even greater efficiency than thedangerous chemical alternatives andmost importantly without the burning,irritation and trauma.So innovative was the discovery that theingredient was patented and namedTyrostat™.Clinical studies prove that the topical useof just 3% Tyrostat™ begins to brightenthe complexion from the very firstapplication and can diminish the visibleappearance of unsightly age spots andpigmentation marks by an impressive25+ % in just 6 weeks. As an addedbonus, this remarkable botanical wasnot only found to be completely nonirritating and free of side effects but wasactually shown to calm and tone downthe look of facial redness – certainly anunexpected yet welcome finding.Now for the first time, you can benefitfrom this groundbreaking naturaldiscovery and enjoy a dramaticallyclearer, brighter more evenly toned skinand complexion, not to mention a vitalboost in self confidence thanks toPigment Punch™.Pigment Punch™ is a fast absorbingtransdermal serum and contains no lessthan 10% Tyrostat™ (that's more than 3times the concentration used in clinicalstudies!), plus a cocktail of purebotanical antioxidants, skin brightenersand skin saving vitamins to ensuremaximum effectiveness in record time.Apply just a little twice per day inconjunction with SPF 30 sun block toany and all areas of your face and bodyaffected by discolouration and yourcomplexion will be well on its way to alighter and brighter future – naturally!

A Truly remarkable transformation after only 26 weeks of using the Aspect™Complexion Perfection Program which includes Pigment Punch™ twice daily and fourprofessionally administered Pigment Punch™ Clarity Peels.

Retinol Brulee™RETINOL SERUM

Empty promises or real results...you now have a choice.

Since 1984, The word “Retinol” hasbeen synonymous with clear, healthy,youthful looking skin. No otheringredient in the history of skin carehas undergone such rigorous clinicalstudies in order to prove its worthinessas the “gold standard” in anti-ageingskin care.What can you expect from effectiveRetinol therapy?A correctly formulated Retinol productand note that we say “correctlyformulated” can have a profound impacton just about every conceivable sign ofageing that you care to mention.Clinical studies amassed have shownthat Retinol can dramatically smoothaway the look of fine lines, plump out theappearance of deeper wrinkles, promotea more elastic, firmer skin texture, clarifythe appearance of mottled pigmentationand discolourations, retexturise andrefine the skins surface, shrink the lookof pores, discourage the appearance ofimperfections, regulate the appearanceof excessively oily skin, restore a healthyglow to a sallow devitalised complexion,eliminate dry, rough patches—the list ofbenefits is endless.Now for the downside. It may shock youto learn that most Retinol products are acomplete waste of money. You see,Retinol is one of the most unstablevitamins in existence. Expose it to air,light or heat for even a short period oftime and it quickly breaks down intouseless compounds that will do nothingto improve the appearance of your skin.Think of Retinol as you would a bottle ofmilk. Even under the best refrigeratedconditions it lasts but a few days before itdeteriorates.Be warned, quite a few companies claimthat their Retinol is stable but can theyprovide the proof ? The answer isgenerally not. So steer clear and don’twaste your money on a bottle full ofempty promises.As if all of that wasn't bad enough, you'llbe doubly shocked to learn that many socalled Retinol containing formulas utilisean inexpensive partially inactive variety ofthis vitamin. This type of partially inactiveRetinol is often disguised with vague“sound alike” names such as Pro-Retinol, Retinol-Ester and many more.These “Retinol Impostors” at best deliveronly a fraction of the cosmetic antiageingbenefits of true Retinol andtherefore you may only be getting afraction of what you paid for so beware.Now for the good news – its calledRetinol Brulee™ and unlike some of themore questionable so called Retinolproducts out there, promises to deliverthe results you want day after day, weekafter week, month after month. Right tothe very last drop.To guarantee effectiveness, RetinolBrulee™ uses only the 100% purebioactive Retinol in the highest allowableconcentration – any higher and youwould actually require a prescription!To ensure stability of the very fragileRetinol molecule, Retinol Brulee™utilises a cutting edge patented microencapsulationtechnology developedexclusively by Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd,that promises superior stability, potencyand performance for clearly visiblecosmetic anti-ageing results you canactually see and others will notice.Here’s how it works: The microscopicRetinol containing capsules (also knownas Tagravit™ R Microcapsules) areexceptionally robust and remain fullyintact in the bottle thereby acting as aprotective coat of amour around thedelicate Retinol molecule. Only uponapplication by finger pressure andrubbing action, do these microcapsulesrelease 95–97% of their precious Retinolcontent directly onto your skin.Now you may have heard that Retinoltherapy is not without some minor sideeffects such as mild irritation, andtemporary dryness. This we admit isabsolutely true of “effective Retinolproducts” and indicate that it is actuallyworking within your skin to deliver theresults you want.To help overcome any minor disruptions,Retinol Brulee™ incorporates theclinically proven benefit of CanadianWillowherb™, a powerful botanical withthe proven ability to cosmeticallystrengthen the skin's defences againstexternal aggressors and maintain asuperb level of visible calmness andserenity so that you may enjoy theremarkable cosmetic anti-ageing benefitsof Retinol Brulee™ without too much ofthe stress.Like all Aspect™ formulas you'll be gladto hear that Retinol Brulee™ is free ofparabens, artificial colours andfragrances so its exceedingly kind foreven the most sensitive of skins.

Eyelift 3™EYE SERUM

Dark circles, fine lines, puffiness…eyes come with a lot of baggagebut with Eyelift 3™ they don't haveto weigh you down!

Even if eyes aren't really the windowsto the soul, they certainly give a prettygood insight into what we've been upto. Been burning the candle at bothends? Those dark circles certainlysuggest so. Been flagging on thewater-intake and enjoying a glass orthree of white instead? Tell talepuffiness gives the game away.Imagine an eye serum so powerful thatit could dramatically wipe out theappearance of those hideous under eyecircles and smooth away the look ofthose unsightly bags and crows feet thatbetray your age. Sounds like sciencefiction, but thanks to a recentgroundbreaking advancement incosmeceutical science, it's now sciencefact.Eyelift 3™ is the most complete andeffective clinical strength formula for thecosmetic treatment of unattractive darkcircles, under eye puffiness, and crowsfeet.Powered by the latest cutting edgenatural amino peptide technology, plusan energising synergy of more than 28natural face saving botanicals andpotent antioxidants, this remarkableconcentrated serum will restore to youreye area what time and fast paced livinghave taken away.Apply Eyelift 3™ just twice daily andexpect to see dramatic changes in asfew as 4 weeks, and after 8 weeks oftwice daily use, you simply won't believeyour eyes!The remarkable effectiveness of the keyactive in Eyelift 3™ was demonstratedin a 56 day long clinical study andconfirmed by detailed scientific imageanalysis. Here is what the researchersfound:• Dark under eye circles:visibly reduced by 35%.• Under eye puffiness:visibly reduced by 31%.• Smoothness and skin texture:42% smoother.


Try it and discover why people arecalling it “the cream of the crop”.
Say goodbye to the expense andinconvenience of separate day, night,neck and eye creams and say hello toPhytostat 9™, the 4 in 1, intelligentcream that adjusts to the specificneeds of your skin 24/7 todramatically restore vital moisturereserves, ward off the visible signs ofageing and cosmetically correct theeffects of time in no time at all.Apply just a dab of this extraordinarysouffle and experience near instantgratification as this nutrient richemulsion quickly replenishes skin's vitalmoisture reserves in even the thirstiestof skins.Apply Phytostat 9™ for just 28 days andwitness a small miracle. The look of finelines and wrinkles begin to melt away,surface firmness and elasticity aredramatically improved, the appearanceof dull, uneven skin tones begin tomake way for a brighter more radiantcomplexion and not so smooth out ofcondition skin is visibly transformedto a smoother, baby soft velvety skintexture that feels great to touch.The key to Phytostat 9™'s remarkableperformance lies in the synergisticblend of Chro-Noline, a hightechnology patented amino-peptidealong with a clinically validated mix ofskin saving antioxidants andnurturing lipids including pureorganic sea buckthorn, chirallycorrect multi spectrum tocopherols,macadamia, almond and sunflower -all expertly blended in this luxuriousparaben and fragrance free cream soit's gentle enough even for the mosttemperamental of skin's.

Clinical Skin Peels™

The cheat’s way to a perfect, enviablecomplexion and flawless looking skin!

For those of you that already subscribeto a customised Aspect™ skin careprogram and want to fast track yourprogress or lets face it – ”cheat yourway to perfect looking skin really fast”we have devised a veritablesmorgasbord of superb clinicalstrength peels to fulfil your quest forclear, glowing, youthful looking skin inno time at all.Aspect™ Clinical Skin Peels are clinicalstrength results orientated correctivetreatments and far superior to anyordinary facial in terms of truly visibleresults and long term durability. Clinicalstrength means that Aspect™ clinicalskin peels are only administered bydoctors, nurses and paramedicalaestheticians that have been specificallyeducated and certified so you can restassured that you are in excellent hands.In keeping with the Aspect™ philosophyof skin care, the comprehensiveAspect™ range of peels is:• Formulated with the highestconcentrations of pure naturallyderived botanicals and high octanecosmeceutical correctives.• Formulated with certified organic nongenetically modified ingredientswherever possible.• Chirally correct and optically pureactives for maximum clinical resultswithout unnecessary irritation ortrauma.• Free of propylene glycol.• Free of mineral oils and otherpetrochemicals.• Free of parabens and other harshpreservative systems.• Free of artificial fragrances.• Free of animal derived ingredients.• Never tested on animals –only people.To guarantee you get the results you arelooking for, prior to any Aspect™Clinical Skin Peel your personalpractitioner will thoroughly assess yourskin using a number of advanceddiagnostic skills, consult with you as tothe results you wish to achieve andrecommend a course of treatmentsbased on your unique skin care needsand lifestyle demands to ensurebeautiful results with the least amountof disruption to your schedule.